Stop #15: CK's Smugglers Cove in Majistral

Today's visit takes us to the mainland continent of Corsica once again, a neighbor of The Campbell Coast, but I do not believe it is directly connected (although I could be wrong.) Regardless, C.K. Ballyhoo has incorporated many of the same excellent design elements that Kitten Mills (landscaper for The Campbell Coast) uses for the designs into the area called C.K.'s Smugglers Cove.

Because there seems to be a nautical theme to the design of the region, I decided to don my pirate gear, and the first stop we make is the deck of The Green Goblin, a single-masted sloop (called The Raven in the store) from Blackspot Shipyard.  The Goblin is moored on the luxurious shoreline surf and beach and you could just spend your hours watching the mesmerizing wave patterns.

Of course, the point of coming to C.K.'s Smugglers Cove, if you're a BBB Passport Stamp collector like I am, is to GET THAT STAMP!  You'll find the dispenser at the cozy little seafood shack, and while you're there you can help yourself to the grill and make your own fixins.  Just be careful not to feed the cute little golden retriever who happens to pop up as you cycle through the anims.

But, if you've followed my blog by now, you know I always make a point to explore more than the obvious, and Smugglers Cove has loads of activities and areas of exploration.  As you hike into the trees, you'll find a cave, which will experience-teleport you to an entire underground/underwater network of caverns.

Including a beautifully rendered mer habitat!  I can't believe how much they've managed to artistically stuff into this tiny little parcel.  It's really well done and immersive, and the exterior of the caverns creates a interconnectivity shooting across the design, like they were deep sea structures that have been there for ages.

Despite the cramped feel of the cavernous tunnel system, they do end in easy-to-use experience teleports back to the surface of smugglers cove, the aforementioned mer habitat, and C.K. Ballyhoo's Art Gallery, which is comprised of a number of buildings housing the art collection.

There are many exhibits to take in, and if you're like me, maybe you want to take one home for yourself.  I was drawn to the landscape photograph of "Serrena Falls" by Owl Dragonash, so I right clicked and edited the artwork, found Owl's profile and from the picks section found Owl's gallery.

A lot of curators carry artwork, but you can't necessary purchase it, because by the time you're seeing it, it is owned by a third party.  That's why, if you feel so inclined to own a piece of art created by someone in Second Life, it's a fun challenge to hunt down where their artwork has it's home.  Fortunately for Owl and other artists, The Campbell Coast (There I go again .. lol!) has an artists village, and Owl has a gallery there.

Then just right click and purchase whatever artwork you're interested in (in this case, "Serrena Falls" which features a lighthouse, a shoreline and a beautifully rendered sunset,) then take it home (in my case, I show off my artwork in the Treehouse at The Redwood Grove,) and put it up on your wall.


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  2. Love following your BBB stamp adventures Smugglers Cove is defiantly a treasure. Honored you liked my photo and took it home!! Thank you : )

  3. What a lovely compliment to the Campbell Coast and Kitten Mills and CK that it was hard to tell where one ended and another begins! A fine example of how beautiful Mainland is and can be, given some creative ingenuity and welcoming neighbourhoods eager to see a naturally flowing environment. This warms my heart and makes me so happy! Mainland as it was meant to be in all its glory! There is so much Mainland Abandoned land which needs a little love and it will also be revitalized and valuable... find a nice area on Mainland and add to it in a natural way and your parcel becomes part of a bigger beautiful adventure! I must add this lovely place to my Passport Stamp to-do list! :D Thanks for the tip-off Cranston!


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