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Stop #29: Friendship Valley Pit Stop in Cleora on the mainland Heterocera continent.

Back to BBB Passport Stamping with this little excursion to mainland Heterocera, and an area welcomingly entitled Friendship Valley.  This stop is just of route 1, one of the LDPW public highways, and brings us to The Friendship Valley Pit Stop .  If you're a Second Life Traveler or Explorer such as I am, this place is a welcome respite from the road. If you're an RP traveler exploring the Heterocera mainland continent, The Friendship Valley Pit Stop has a number of options for realistically topping off the tanks of your RP motor vehicles.  Harumotors, ACP, KCP, and other fueling options are available to you right off route 1, so stop in, fill 'er up, and take a rest from your travels. And connected to the station is a wonderful welcoming place to put up your feet and sit a spell called The Joint.  They have really done a great job of creating a down-to-earth atmosphere and if you have any RL cares or worries, The Friendship Valley Pitstop is the perfect place to 'dispe

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