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Stop #26: Port Friendship on the mainland continent of Satori in the region of Thallo

A long overdue posting, as I have recently become one of the newest Bureaucrats at the BBB, but finally got a moment to take in one of the newer destinations for your BBB stamp collecting, Port Friendship in the region of Thallo on the continent of Satori.   Call it Boho!  Call it Hindu!  Call it ... well .. you can call Port Friendship a lot of things, but BORING??!  Hardly.  Check this place OUT!!!! First off, yes indeed this place IS a port!  So for all you flyboys and flygirls out there, Port Friendship offers a VERY SHORT small aircraft runway, set at a very challenging angle of 225 degrees for landing, at an altitude of 31 meters.  It also features a very small rezz zone, where you are able to rezz very small aircraft (49 LI is the limit, with 5 minute autoreturn.) There is also a rezz zone for boaters on the western area of the build (in the same parcel where the BBB stamp dispenser landing point is,) with easy access to open linden water, connected to all the Nautilus continen

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