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Stop #19: Oniakaloha Airfield in the Cardona region of Satori

Once again we're flying the friendly skies of BBB Air.  Starting of at Campbell Airport in the region of Erazor , our destination, this time, is the fantastic vintage airfield of Oniakaloha, in Cardona in the continent of Satori.   This is a very easy flight to make from Corsica, by way of the Seychelles Channel, traveling south along the east edge of Nautilus.  Cordona is in the upper northeastern part of Satori.  I've included a video of the path I took.  Yours might be a little different. Once you land, especially if you take runway 27, heading from east to west, you should end up at the western end of the airport, where there is lots of information about the airport partnerships, including a group inviter for a vintage flyers group, which, since I like flying my vintage plane, seemed like a good fit, so I joined. The person in charge of placing the stamp dispenser certainly has gone out of their way to make this a challenging find.  It's easier to find if you fly in fro

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